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“ALHANE EÂCHAKNAHA” – Sanaa Marahati

“ALHANE EÂCHAKNAHA” – Sanaa Marahati

Sana Marathi, the princess of the song and the melon

Sana Marathi is a young Moroccan artist who has been fond of singing since her childhood and grew up in a loving family of original art. She often sang “one for a gazelle” in addition to participating in school concerts and attending all activities from singing,
She began her artistic career with the tradition of the artist Mohamed Abdel Wahab, but under the guidance of her father, she turned her attention to Malhoun, who represents the Moroccan heritage and did not find it difficult to do so.
In spite of what was witnessed in the Moroccan musical scene of a variety of modern, popular and youth, Sana Marathi took her first steps in the arena at the age of thirteen through her participation in the Institute of Music in the new and sang a poem «naked on you Amhamed» and then welcomed her voice and touched the great talent and ability to Creativity in this lyric style
Sanaa did not exceed her fifteenth year until she was present in the official channel of Morocco through the program “Shatha al-Mahan” and then in the program «Nagmotai» where she sang before the giants of the art of Al-Hajj Mohammed Bouzouba and star Mohammed Bagdoub has praised her voice and impressed him as much as in 2000 On the first prize in the category of Almahl for those who are less than eighteen years
She participated in many national music festivals and participated in a large ceremony in Paris. Such events allowed her to embrace the audience by presenting an authentic artistic color, considering that despite the development of the Moroccan song,
Sana Marathi recorded a number of her own poems, such as “The Mother” by Abdel Majeed Wehbe, “Shamaa”, “Fatima”, “O Messenger of Allah”, “Ashfaq Li”, “Al-Damalij” and “Al-Baraqia”. The mother and the album of the heritage of the original Malhoun and albumin from the heritage of the immortal Melhem, the melody of her love, a high-end evening hosted by Sana Marathi, with a wonderful caftan designed by Nadia Boutaleb, artist Abdel Rahim Al-Suwairi,

Sanaa Marahati

Sanaa Marahati is a Moroccan singer of melhoun and gharnati. She was born in Sefrou on March 10, 1984.
It has six albums produced by the label Fassiphone and a hundred public musical performances both in Morocco and internationally to his credit. She is among the women who have been able to combine modernity and tradition.
Sanaa enrolled at the conservatory of music, and from there began a long artistic career and regularly participates in the most prestigious festivals such as those of Fes, Rabat, Tafilalet, where she won in 1999, the first prize for the best performance for young people. under 18, all nationalities combined.
Sanaa Marahati holds a degree in French linguistics and a final dissertation on “the perception of the image of women in the poetry of melhoun”.
Sanaa Marahati has also made a name for herself on Moroccan national channels through two television programs dedicated to the Melhoun (broadcast during the month of Ramadan), and she has also appeared on television nights (Naghma wa tay, Chada al-Alhane, Massar …) .
Much more productive than its rivals, it publishes more than 6 albums which obtain a lot of success.

Dress – “Saffron Mosaïc”

Georgette crepe caftan embroidered and inlaid with crystals, open on the sides.
The second piece is chiffon encrusted with sequins.
Designed by Nadia Boutaleb.

Dress – “Assala”

Two-piece dress in Clericci silk cloth with Rbati embroidery.
Everything is finished with Zwak Maâllam, 3akad and Swarovski stones.

Designed by Nadia Boutaleb.