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Caftan 2017: “hymn to peace”

Caftan 2017: “hymn to peace”

This Saturday, April 22, for the grand Moroccan fashion show “Caftan 2017”, Strass, glamorous sequins and music were waiting for you

Respect, happiness, peace, dreams … These are some universal values that inspired the stylists who presented their collections of traditional outfits under the theme “Hymn to Peace” on the occasion of the 21st edition of this fashion event “Caftan “…

As every year, renowned stylists and young talents have competed for creativity to adapt the traditional outfit to the latest trends. Among the creators who marched this year are Meriem Belkhayat, Nadia Boutaleb, Safae Ibrahimi, Amina Boussayri, Kacem Sahl, Mounia Amouri, Filali Ksikes, Zineb El Youbi, Siham El Habti, Meryem Boussikouk, Salima Boussouni and Hind Lamtiri

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The theme of peace chosen this year has inspired everyone. The 16 selected stylists, the singers and musicians invited, the artistic director Malika Zaidi, and the composer Hamid Daoussi, who offers for the 5th consecutive year a soundtrack without false note. For this master of the remix, “music abolishes borders”.

Adding to being “a fervent defender of Moroccan music, but when it comes to talking about peace, musically, the whole world opens to me”. Indeed, the 21st edition of the Caftan couture event, proposed by Femmes du Maroc, was crossed by a wind of harmony. Soft colors, feathers and flowers and some originality.

Some stylists are indeed released by small touches of the strict framework of the traditional Moroccan dress. Like Amal Belcaid who confides to authorize himself “a detail of originality measured on a garment that must remain in the tradition”. For her 3rd participation, the stylist explains how the theme of peace for red thread was a takeoff for her. “Of course, I kept my mark while inspiring myself with dove wings.

I used feather and embroidery reliefs. This collection required a lot of research and work. By her side, Siham El Habti, who played with flowers, El Houjouji, Nadia Boutaleb, Belkhayat, Boussikouk, Ksikes or Ezzaki Bakkali, names well established in the small world of Moroccan creation.

Between the parades, perfectly oiled paintings conducted for the fifth time by Malika Zaidi, who admits to “pass each year an exam”. With her dancers from all walks of life, she is adept at “staging religious and cultural diversity in osmosis and peace”. The show gave pride of place to the guest artists.

Fnair group who opened the ball, followed by rising star Khaoula Mujahid, our national Justin Bieber, Ihab Amir, and finally the group Chico and the Gypsies, whose leader, Chico Bouchikhi, Moroccan father and ambassador of the Unesco was a special guest for this show, under the sign of tolerance. The Caftan event is becoming more and more popular every year.

If 16 designers were selected for this edition, with 13 confirmed and 3 young talents, no less than 750 files were sent during preselections, including 15% from abroad. For the 4th time, the show took place in the Palmeraie resort of Marrakech, and will be for the next 5 years. Finally, the cause supported for 4 years is that of children without families, hosted in the 5 places of life in Morocco, within SOS Children’s Villages.

Today, Morocco

Caftan, the flagship event of Moroccan traditional fashion, was back for the 21st edition, and this Saturday, April 22, 2017, in Marrakech.

An event that has tried this year to breathe a wind of peace and hope on the world. “Hymn to Peace” was the theme chosen. A theme that has been presented as an obviousness as explained by Zineb Timouri, editor of the magazine Women of Morocco, initiator of the event. “Hymn to peace is a topical theme, because the world is going through turbulent times, times of war, exclusion and terrorism.” Caftan thus wishes to demonstrate that Morocco has a legitimacy on this theme since the Kingdom remains a haven of peace, tolerance, openness and acceptance of the other. This year, the event saw the participation of 16 candidates, including 13 veterans and 3 new talents, because “Caftan remains a way for the creators of this traditional Moroccan dress to express itself and to be the prescribers of the trends of the Moroccan haute couture, “continues Zineb Timouri. For dressmakers accustomed to the fashion event, they gave free rein to their imagination on brocade, organza, silk and lace by dressing them with pearls, crystals and embroidery. As in previous editions, Caftan 2017 supports a humanitarian cause. This year, and for the 4th consecutive year, the event accompanied the national network SOS Children’s Village which came to reiterate the commitment of the organizers and stylists in favor of the Moroccan childhood. “It is always an honor for us that the Caractères group agrees to help us give a voice to young children who are homeless and abandoned.

Today, Morocco

Faithful to its reputation, Caftan 2017 showed that an event focused on the beauty of Moroccan clothing could also serve as noble causes. Sixteen designers have declined their vision of a world without violence, without injustice where all could live happy and serene. A challenge met with brilliance on the background of clean cuts, pastel shades, white but also precious stones and golden touches, pledges of promising tomorrows. A dream ? Perhaps, but in their optimism, the creators insisted that it was not impossible to achieve and that in these difficult times, it was necessary to believe. Many of them also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the women who most symbolized peace in their eyes. Lady Diana, Mother Teresa, Audrey Hepburn were indirectly present through a tiara, a play of fabrics or colors, a headdress, an accessory. Invited to support this ideal of living together, singers and dancers gave the best of themselves tonight. Fnaire more committed than ever, Chico & the Gypsies, whose leader is also UNESCO’s special envoy for peace, Ihab Amir and Khaoula El Moujahid, rising stars of the Moroccan pop-soul, punctuated this magnificent show of their most beautiful pieces. It’s like that in Caftan …