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Houda Saad: Female Artist of the Year

Houda Saad: Female Artist of the Year

“Silence is a homage that the word brings to mind.”

Words escape me as always when I feel honorably rewarded for my art through your love and esteem for me! This is not the first I wish it is not the last! But this tribute has a special taste! CORPORATE AWARDS this event which for its 4th edition brings together great personalities in different categories and sections! My consecration of female artist of the year fills me with joy and invades me with happiness! I will not stop wearing with skill and skill this flame of ambassador of the Moroccan song which crowns my artistic course with grace …

With all the love that can hold a heart and a soul!

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Thanks to all my love for Livni, and follow my convictions and I will be honored by the oldest … I’ll be faithful to my artistic message and your love, no matter how long my artistic career stretches and extends my rope … Thank you for supervising me this honor. What weighs me as much as it motivates me to go ahead with a beautiful art rooted in the originality of our beloved homeland …