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Ibtissam Koutaibi – Nghaniwha Maghribiya

Ibtissam Koutaibi – Nghaniwha Maghribiya

”Ibtisam Ktebi Introduction to the program “Ngnoyo Moroccan

She excelled greatly in highlighting her talents and embodying her accumulated experiences during the “15 Talent” program, which gave her the green light to enter the world of activation and presentation from the vast door, was glittering in its high efficiency and smooth continuity and great modesty
Their appearance on the tree shines and shines its surroundings and gives a feeling of comfort to its guests, the question is consistent with the theme and objectives of the program and removes the boredom that strikes our television to the point of triviality
Together with the artist and music researcher Abdul Salam Khalufi, he formed a harmonious duet, able to create theatrical pleasure. He succeeded in producing a great artistic product. He was chosen to sing the song “Sing it Moroccan”. Sailing in the vicinity of the Moroccan revolutions and diving in the depths of the same rust from which it has been known for years, and contribute greatly to the pruning of impurities, to be ready for future generations, and thus out of oblivion
With the episodes of the “Nghnioua Moroccan” program, the features of excellence and creativity were on the horizon, represented by the choice of guests, in line with established goals. Lammal for the hobby here and the homeland for the vanity. Everything is planned to size. The high-end Moroccan song, with its solid roots and “bass”, is permeated by flowing springs of cultural roots and heritage, where the sensual sense, sincere expression, purposeful words and distinctive melody, harmonized with rhythms taken from traditions
Moroccan heritage
To achieve all these goals, the Moroccan singers had to find an activist with special characteristics and a sense that was in keeping with the spirit of the program. The choice was correct with the presence of an artist activist, a graduate of the “15 talent” competition, which gave a special flavor and added a magical touch, through its fresh spirit, had a positive impact and special impact. The artistic features of Abtisam Ktebi, which was dedicated to the Moroccan newspaper Al-Ahdat Al Maghribia, were characterized by a high-profile dialogue that included a number of highlights of the special evening hosted by Ibtisam Ktebi, in Qaftan Raqi designed by Nadia Boutaleb, , Abdo al-Wazzani, Mohamed Ziad, Amal Abdelkader, Abdul Aziz al-Satati and others


All the great hits of the Moroccan song of the 50s, 60s and 70s revisited by young contemporary artists!
“Nghaniwha Maghribiya” offers, every other Saturday, 90 minutes of musical memories and successes, performed by young Moroccan singers such as Hatim Ammor, Houda Saad, Lamia Zaydi, Foulane, Mouhssine Salaheddine … who for the occasion sing in Arabic and in Amazigh
Presented by: Ibtissam Koutaibi
Episode of August 27 – Dressed by: Nadia Boutaleb


Caftan with an Aldo Bianchi lace bustier encrusted with chiffon ribbons.
The skirt is satin duchess with chiffon ribbons on the bottom and Swarovski crystals.
All is finished Maâllam and Akkad.
The second piece is silk nude color on the bustier.
The skirt is Aldo Bianchi lace.
The belt is in Kitane of silver gold thread.
Designed by Nadia Boutaleb.