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Available in the most noble and rare materials, the Kaftans of Exception are unique pieces not reproduced made for very special occasions. Signs of ostentation and luxury, discover ...

Haut de Gamme

Carrying the deep expression of an ancestral heritage, these beautiful classical Caftans take with finesse and subtlety the codes of traditional craftsmanship with a touch of modernity. A precious collection within reach of all, discover ...


Signed fabrics, noble materials and harmonious cuts, the Prestige Caftans are the emanation of elegance and refinement. A collection as graceful as sumptuous, discover ...

Nadia Boutaleb

Nadia Boutaleb is undoubtedly one of the brands that best expresses what the luxury Caftan is today: Creativity and rigor in the service of novelty, opulence and uniqueness. Imagined down to the smallest detail, her outfits reflect an entire, refined and elegant state of mind. The Nadia Boutaleb workshop expresses in particular a desire to offer exceptional models to its customers. Precious fabrics and jewels are used for her creations, and each model is magnified, both by the embroidery, beading and by the original designs which enhance the details. The result is sublimely refined, honoring the tradition of the Moroccan caftan while opening up to modern trends.


The Nadia Boutaleb brand is one of the major houses of traditional Moroccan haute couture. It is distinguished by a spirit of elegance and refinement. stemming from a passion for the profession. of a vision of style. of a love of grace and a desire to sublimate the female body.


It is the indispensable couple for a creative Moroccan craftsmanship that interprets the essence of feminine beauty. The team of Moroccan master craftsmen of `{`Atelier Nadia Boutaleb benefits from regular training to continually improve its know-how and the designer innovates in each creation to make it unique while respecting the traditional ancestral rules of the Moroccan Caftan.


The personalized cut and the excellence of the realization constitute the cornerstones of the manual and artisanal work entirely done in the workshops of Nadia Boutaleb in Casablanca. It is a mix between the know-how of the Moroccan craftsman and the rigor dictated by the designer who transpires in each Caftan. Also, each creation of our workshop is the subject of a meticulous control before final delivery to the


Each client benefits from special attention and personalized support for the creation and realization of her outfit. This must reflect the personality and tastes of the woman who will wear it. Nadia Boutaleb. herself. is available to the client. since the start of the project. right up to delivery: she gives him advice and guides him in his choices.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved designing and sewing clothes, so much so that in the end I made it my profession and my passion. Nothing seems to me more captivating, more stimulating than capturing the complex and mysterious beauty of the human body.

— Nadia Boutaleb

I always feel happy when I wear kaftans by the beautiful designer Nadia Boutaleb, Which is incredibly natural and I really like

-Hoda Saad

I have been collaborating with the talented Nadia Boutaleb for a few years. What first seduced me? His kindness, his smile and his contagious good mood! I later discovered his work and fell in love with his creations. In addition to being innovative in the cuts, the materials...her precise and meticulous work, she puts her heart into each of her pieces and it shows!


It is always with great pleasure that I wear the refined outfits of the talented Nadia Boutaleb, a mix between the traditional and the modern with a lot of glamour.