+212 6 03 92 55 52   | N 9, Rue Mozart, Racine, Casablanca Maroc

Nadia Boutaleb

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved designing and sewing clothes, so much so that in the end I made it my job and my passion. Nothing seems to me more captivating, more stimulating than capturing the complex and mysterious beauty of the human body.

The sewer
My passion for sewing came very early on since, at the age of 9, I started cutting out patterns and taking sewing lessons in my mother’s workshop in Rabat. Immediately, I begin to draw sketches that I execute by cutting out my models in the tablecloths and scraps of my mother’s dresses. In 2008, after an 8-year career in accounting, I decided to reconnect with my main passion, “sewing”. My budding talent quickly gained traction and I developed a network of loyal customers.

My style


My Style is a modern mix between Western and Eastern cultures. I try to combine the Moroccan caftan with my taste for Western haute couture. I opt for noble materials (taffeta, organza, silk, etc.) combined with more fluid and light materials (chiffon, etc.) or even fine materials (lace, tulle, etc.). Most of the fabrics I use come from France or Italy, used by great designers and from major brands (Ruffo coli, Aldo Bianchi, etc.). I associate her pieces with delicate embroideries composed of semi-precious stones, swarovski sparkles or sequins.

The workshop

My workshop is where all the haute couture outfits are made and where they pass through my hands and the hands of my teams. This is the very heart of the know-how of my creations.