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CAFTANOS – Fashion World Tangier Morocco 2016

CAFTANOS – Fashion World Tangier Morocco 2016

Caftanos Fashion World is an annual festival organized by the Moroccan Association of Culture and Creativity in Tangier.

It is an international event in which different fashion professionals of all nationalities, mobilize to promote and pay tribute to the caftan, to mark its importance as a dress and make it a must-have icon, which the fashion world will not know. happen at a global level.

Beyond its traditional resonance, we wish through this festival, to emphasize the cultural and social dimension of the caftan as a habitat.


Created at the initiative of the CAFTANOS Foundation on February 12, 2012, the Caftanos Fashion World Festival (CFW) is part of a four-year approach to opening up different cultures, offering the public an unforgettable trip to world of Caftan through the creations of different stylists of all nationalities.

Caftanos is known nationally as well as internationally. Several editions of the festival were organized at:


Through Caftanos, we want to offer the city of Tangier a new international dynamic, but also great tourism and commercial opportunities.
Through this festival different nationalities meet, creating an alchemy and a spirit of discovery where traditional creativity meets modern creation.

Thus, all artistic sensibilities will meet in Caftanos for each edition.

Nadia Boutaleb

Nadia Boutaleb gives you an appointment on March 12, 2016, in Tangiers, to admire the new creations 2016.

“Caftanos” organizes the 6th edition under the theme “The spirit of identity”.

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