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From Manager to Styliste

From Manager to Styliste

From Manager to StylisteDe Manager à Styliste
Nothing predestined Nadia Boutaleb to embrace the job of stylist. After brilliant management studies and an equally successful career in auditing, she decides to give up everything to do, she says, things she likes. “My career was in full swing, I was working at a multinational audit firm as Senior Manager. But, I was always stressed, I even began to suffer from a herniated disc … “, Remembers Nadia Boutaleb.
She was determined to change all that, without really knowing how. Entering the world of couture and fashion design was initiated as a joke around a coffee. “The idea was to buy fabric and make outfits for ourselves and for our close friends …” explains Ms. Boutaleb. A friend had to accompany her on this adventure, but between her many trips and her responsibilities in her company, the friend has forfeited. However, Nadia stood firm. She starts her activity from home. I had notions in sewing, because my late mother had a modern sewing workshop, and coming back from school, I helped her a lot, “she explains. A self-taught person who reinterprets the Caftan A refined collection

Considering herself as an autodidact, Nadia Boutaleb surrounds herself with competent maimines who shape her creative ideas. “I make the cut and I create my drawings. At first, I worked at home, and it was incessant coming and going from Maâlmine. But after the birth of my first child, my husband made me take a workshop. And that’s what I did, settling on the Bd Abdellatif Ben Kaddour, “she says. Now, at the head of a small SME created in 2010, Nadia Boutaleb employs 4 people (embroiderers, beaders and two dressmakers). Her first collection is in the image of Nadia: whole, refined and elegant. Imagined in every detail, her outfits reflect a state of mind and a desire to offer exclusive models. “Every outfit has its own style,” she confirms.
Precious fabrics are used for his creations, and each model is sublimated and magnified, as much by embroidery, beading as by the drawings that enhance the details. His outfits are firmly rooted in the tradition of Caftan while opening on modern trends. “My goal is not to distort the Caftan, but when I draw my models, I imagine the dress how it should be and I do my drawing …”. The result is an extreme refinement, honoring Caftan. Moreover, Nadia is invited to participate in several parades, and will have to show her latest creations.
Nadia is very proud to have given body and life to this dream that her subconscious kept preciously. A designer is born.

By Khadija Alaoui

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