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Nadia Boutaleb at London Fashion Week

Nadia Boutaleb at London Fashion Week


About Stories From Morocco ‘Stories from Morocco’ is an exciting two-day festival that will celebrate haute couture Caftan fashion and host the Babouch signature Moroccan fine dining restaurant. During London Fashion Week, the catwalk will showcase the stunning collections from contemporary designers as they reinterpret and reimagine the traditional Caftan. The British-Moroccan team – comprising of Jalila Elmastouki, Khalid Dahbi and Jamal Boujrad – wish to bring forward their home country’s rich and diverse heritage to a London audience, aiming for the event to become a significant annual addition to the international fashion, culinary and cultural calendars.
The Caftan catwalk will feature the incredible works of established and emerging designers currently operating in Morocco and in the Gulf. They will showcase the modern and creative experiments with the classic Moroccan Caftan, bringing bespoke and handmade editions that rework some of the old motifs and developing new ones. Elmastouki’s vision is to revive the old embroideries from the ancient medinas of Fez, Rabat and Marrakech and other cities and to bring designers who relay the full glory of this amazing and versatile garment. She has been promoting Caftan fashion internationally for many years and showing how it has evolved within the mix of Berber, Jewish, African, Arabic and Moorish peoples of Morocco.
Nadia Boutaleb Biography
Nothing had predestined Nadia Boutaleb to embrace the profession of stylist. After a brilliant education in public accounting and an equally successful career in auditing and finance, she decides to drop everything to do, she says, things that appeal to her.
Considering herself a self-taught, Nadia Boutaleb is surrounded by master craftsmen who shape her ideas. She creates her drawings, makes the cut and handles the various trades, all in her studio in Casablanca. Her first collection is a resounding success, composed of exclusive outfits, each with its own style, but all classy and refined.
Today, Nadia Boutaleb is undoubtedly one of the brands that best expresses what the luxurious Caftan is: Creativity and rigor at the service of novelty, opulence and the unique. Imagined in every detail, her outfits reflect a whole, refined and elegant mindset. The workshop Nadia Boutaleb expresses in particular a desire to offer models of exception to its customers.
Noble fabrics and precious stones are used for her creations, and each dress is magnified, both by embroideries, perlages and original drawings that enhance its details. The result is a sublime refinement, honoring the tradition of the Moroccan Kaftan while opening up to modern trends.
Nadia Boutaleb has participated in several prestigious haute-couture fashion shows, often as guest of honor, nationally and internationally, where she has emerged as the seamstress par excellence. This has earned her publications in the most eminent magazines, which have described her creations as spectacular, feminine and refined, with great attention to details.
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