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Nadia Boutaleb starred in the world’s largest international fashion show, Caftanos International

Nadia Boutaleb starred in the world’s largest international fashion show, Caftanos International

On the occasion of International Women’s Day. Tangier was the fourth edition of the world’s largest international fashion show, Caftanos, under the theme “Spring of Creativity and Spirituality” on March 12th. This event has seen the programming of the audience present in the largest fashion platform in the world. This year, the international designer Abdel Mahfouz participated with the participation of Saudi international designer Omaima Azzouz, the illustrious name in the Arab fashion world, which is considered the first number in her taste and luxurious style and is one of the most important names that have been honored by the official and great management of the festival Ratio of International Women’s Day. Omaima Azzouz, “which pushed her passion for beauty and elegance from the age of the experience of planning on paper, to move from Bhawattha from scribbling on the papers to the art exposed by the largest role of fashion in the world,

She studied Islamic arts at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia and was followed by a master’s degree in design management from the University of London, and a number of courses in drawing, design and leadership development. The Saudi fashion designer, with her enthusiasm and determination in a short period of time, was able to show her distinction in fashion design and gowns. She made the concept of abayas a special language in an exciting and trendy way to attract and attract the attention of Arab and Gulf women. Livni and features of the ancient environment and its originality and beauty,

Based on the nature of desert and mountainous. It also did not ignore the European taste and mix it with designs suitable for the local environment, taking into account the concepts of decency and beauty. She worked to highlight the aesthetic aspects of the woman’s body, and hid the body defects and show in a beautiful harmonious form .. Also participated for the first time in the designer The famous Kuwaiti designer Tahani Al Otaibi and the Jordanian designer Heba Idris with a distinguished presence in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the person of designer Gina Sultan, the best fashion designer for the year 2015 in Egypt, and the Sultanate of Oman represented by designer Noura Balochi, A Moroccan and Omani culture with the participation of a second after the success of the previous session of the Omani Alaa designed Siyabi that dazzled the presence of Tangier with paintings of the Omani dress upscale.
The caftan of Morocco won the lion’s share in this session and was represented by 11 personalities from the Moroccan fashion world. The most prominent designers of the caftan were chosen in the city of Tangier. They were headed by the designer Rabia Salmoun El Telegazi, who is a guest of honor with the participation of renowned designer Hassan Boucheikhi, Huda Larini, Amal Bakhati, Ihsan Ghazil, Dunya Barrada and Nadaa
Mamouni and Duaa Anshum. The forum will also host a group of Moroccan female designers representing a number of ancient Moroccan cities such as designer Nadia Boutaleb of Casablanca,
Farah Ben Shakroun from Rabat, Mounia El Matani from the Grand Palace and Latifa Jahail from Fez. The red carpet of the festival witnessed this year the presence of Egyptian artist Vivi Abdo and star Nada
Bassiouni, the Spanish international star Marta Carlem, and the French international star Dees, who have inspired the caftanos’ platform with their best songs.
It should be noted that the designer Omaima Azzouz received an honorary doctorate from the American University of Science in the State of Oregon in the field of sociology and women’s rights devoted attention to affairs
Women in Saudi Arabia

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